Halo Bar (Closed Permanently)

90% love it
GayCities Members report that Halo Bar has closed
Dance with the Texas A&M college crowd 90 minutes from Houston
The only gay bar in College Station/Bryan Texas. You'll find a mostly younger gay crowd here, although folks of all persuasions come to dance. Regular drag shows and DJs from Austin and Houston make this a fun stop, especially you are visiting A&M.


    • kaylaraee12
      kaylaraee12 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I Love this place! I go every sat or every other sat. The downstairs is for lounging, talkin, nd there is a pool table. Upstairs is where its at! Dance floor is always packed and never a dull night! Jus wish they would have like a hip-hop night bc dubstep nd techno gets old lol

    • lifegoeson79
      lifegoeson79 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Well i have to say if it was a good bar there wonldn't have a cover. This means there being greedy. The bartenders need to stop like there big shots and better than you. its sometimes way to crowded.

    • jojimbo
      jojimbo Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Come on people let's be a little bit smarter than that.
      Would try it again if the staff was nicer and more culturaly educated. I am international student with a valid passport and apparently this is not sufficient ID to get into this club. I was literally asked to prove my current immigration status and asked to show my visa. If I wouldn't have felt discriminated I'd be a regular. Good thing this town is full of bars who accept my internationally recognized document.

    • Dusty007
      Dusty007 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gay club
      This is one of my faverit plases i hav ever ben to. Drinks are a good brise good sise drinks. The male bare tenders r extermly cute but strate. Thay have drag shose fridays and sater day. Thers day and friday 5 dolers to get in. Sater days r free.

    • steven90
      steven90 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Halo Get's It
      This is the best dance club in aggieland PERIOD. Yes, B/CS is a college town but not everyone who lives there is a student. I am 38 and visit Halo everytime I am in town. I have friends who live there and I am there often especially for the games. The shows are hillarious and always pack the house. The music, atomsphere, people, and staff are nice. If you are going to party in B/CS this is your only choice. Nothing in B/CS compares to Halo! Straight and gay party here and it is obvious why, it is the best! I have not noticed it to be cliquish or "Dallasesque" as one reviewer did. I agree with the other reviews and I am proud to help this bar out. I guess you can't please everyone. If you are into leather, dark corners, 70's era music or whips and chains, Halo is not your place. This is a super clean bar with a very stylish decor'.

    • JacenSpace
      JacenSpace Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A friend and I left Houston to see a Houston "celebrity" perform at Halo. We went to see Christina Ross hit the stage. It was a last minute decision but a very good one to say the least. Halo, is very nice with lots of cute aggie boys. It only cost $45 for both of us and we defintely put the drinks away. This bar surprised us totally. It was very spacious but full of people having a great time. Very well decorated, extremely clean, and it had everything you'd expect to see in a club in Montrose but the attitude! Did I tell you about the aggie boys? See the boys and the club for youself. The drive is easy and you will be glad once you get inside of Halo!

    • texanfan72
      texanfan72 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Awesome for the Aggies
      Hi guys...Went to Halo two weeks ago and was very surprised. I read the reviews here and on other sites and they all seem to praise this bar. So..Let me add my review to that list also. Halo is very nice, very clean, very modern but classy at the same time and my overall experience was fun and rewarding :>)! The drinks were inexpensive, the eye candy was very nice, and the DJ was great! It is worth the drive!

    • FormeragnDFW
      FormeragnDFW Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Howdy Halo!
      Ok...The howdy is the "slang" term that aggies use all the time! I attended Texas A&M from 93-98 and wish that Halo was there. I return to College Station several times a year and make it a point to end up at Halo. It seems that everytime I go, something new has been added or something has been updated! That seems to only happen in the thriving metro bars. I live in Dallas and regularly get to frequent the nice bars here. I am used to seeing the upscale bars and I can tell you that Halo is no exception. Great building, great music, great eye candy !!If you are ever in College Station this bar is a must! Absolutely, the nicest bar at A&M and also the only gay bar! Great job, keep up the good work!

    • 5 Stars All The Way
      I went to Halo last weekend with a bunch of Houston guys. We loved it! It was not your typical small town bar. Just like some of the other reviews for Halo said...It could easily be in Houston and be very popular! Very sleek, clean, and up to par with the popular bars here. Yes, it is in Bryan-College Station but so are the hot boys! As Martha would say.."A good thing" especially for the people of Texas A&M!

    • Memorialguy73
      Memorialguy73 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Houston needs Halo !!
      What a great space! My friends and I met in College Station this weekend for a little fun. It was a easy meeting point for us all. The group came from Austin, Dallas, and Houston. I had heard of Halo but never had any reason to leave our clubs here for a night in College Station. Believe it or not, this college town has an awesome gay bar! Who would have thought that? Normally, the small town gay bars are the ones that you skip or stay away from but Halo is the exception! This bar could easily survive and do very well in any city! It would be a great addition to Houston especially. I love our bars but a bar that size and that nice would definetly add to the " best of " here in Houston! Halo has two floors with a video bar on the first floor and a dance bar on the second. It was nicely decorated, very well lit, the staff was way cute, and the dance floor was packed! I was told that their DJ's drive in from Houston and Austin. REALLY....The bar is easily one of the best "packaged" bars that I have been to and I am a bar fly! Attn: Halo Owner...If you read this...Come to Houston AND repeat your steps! All of us felt that this bar was great! A&M boys, be lucky you have something so _ucking nice!

    • Riceguy4u
      Riceguy4u Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice Surprise !!!
      This bar is in Bryan? What a nice surprise it was for my friends and I! A group of us decided to take a get away and see the Aggie guys! We were only going to be there on Friday night but had so much fun we stayed until Sunday. There were a lot of Houston guys there too. The music was great, with a nice variety to keep us dancing. The drinks were strong, cheap, and this place was cleaner than any other bar I have been too! Overall, this place is definetly out of place in Aggieland. It belongs in Houston. The DJ, lighting, atomsphere, esthetics, and eye candy made our weekend one to remember. We will be back. If you need a break from the big city, try Halo!