Support Equality: Target "Shop-In"


To show our support for Target's push for inclusivity for the LGBT community, including their commitment to making sure transgender customers and employees have access to the facilities that conform to their gender identity, we are taking part in a nationwide "shop-in".

It's like a "sit-in" but you don't have to sit, you just have to shop.

We want to get as many people as possible to come and shop at the Sawyer Heights Target location, and we're asking you to come and purchase some supplies for Montrose Grace Place which provides support to homeless LGBTQ youth in Houston.

Even if it's only $10, you can support a corporation that supports equality and a nonprofit that is working to support LGBTQ youth.

We will have cards for people to hand to their cashiers so they know why you are shopping at the store and look on the event wall for a list of supplies Montrose Grace Place is in need of.

Opponents of equality are calling on a boycott of Target for their inclusive stance, so let's put our money behind a company that is willing to set a positive example for the business community!



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